GSAC Summer Social Netball Competition

The Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre's netball competition is a social competition designed for fun and fitness.

Summer Social Netball comp is due to commence shortly, see below for all the infomation

Comp details:

Thursday night

Ladies Comp
Part 2 -  07/02/19 to 11/04/19
10 weeks

Tuesday Night

Mixed Comp
05.02.19 to 09.04.19
10 weeks
$105.00 per player

** The maximum number of males on court at any time must not exceed three (3).

No two (2) males are allowed in the goal circle at either end at one time

e.g. 1 offence (GA, GS), 1 defence (GD, GK).  Minimum is one male on court per team.


Tuesday Night

Junior Comp
05.02.19 to 09.04.19
10 weeks
$70.00 per player
(Active kids voucher can be used )

Age groups:

  • U10                        Born 2009 or 2010
  • U12                        Born 2007 or 2008
  • U14                        Born 2005 or 2006


  • Team forms due Thursday, January 24 2019.


Registration fees for summer social netball comp are as follows $105 (Mixed Comp) and $70 (Junior Comp) for each individual player for the season. This includes registration and all game fees for the entire duration of the competition. Discount will be applied if registering for both MIXED and LADIES teams. In order to receive this discount, payment must be received in full by Thursday, Janurary 24.

Individuals must be 15 years or over to register for the ladies and mixed teams (with parental consent). All registration and game fees must be paid prior to the game commencing. Players cannot take to the court until fees are paid.

All teams are to submit a Team Registration Form before commencement of the competition and all players need to complete an Individual Registration Form.

Individual Registration Form

Ladies Team Rego Form

Junior Team Rego Form

Mixed Team Rego Form


Game rules and modifications

All matches played within the competition follow the standard netball rules as per Netball Australia but can be modified or changed at Centre Management’s discretion in the best interest and safety of all participants. There can be one or two umpires per game depending on availability. If any individual is interested in umpiring, please contact Netball Organiser Michelle Saunders at 

Ladies Game duration

All matches will be 4 x 10-minute quarters, with a three-minute break at half time and a 30-second changing of ends and positions at quarter and three-quarter time.

Mixed & Juniors Games TBC

Point system

Points will be awarded to teams in the rounds as follows:

  • 2 points – win and win by forfeit
  • 1 points – tie
  • 0 point – loss
  • 0 points – forfeit

Ladies comp time of game

Time slots for games are 5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7pm, 7.45pm and 8.30pm. Late arrivals will not delay game commencement. Games will start on time. There will be no injury time given during the rounds. It is the responsibility of team captains to make sure that all players know the time of their games and that team members arrive on time.

Mixed and Junior comp time of game TBC

Team Cards

Players are responsible for recording their attendance on their team cards.


Umpires have the final say – if a player abuses or shows dissent from an umpire’s decision the offending player will be asked to leave the court and will not be allowed back on the court for the rest of the game. An offending player’s position may not be filled unless the offending player was centre.


Each team must provide a scorer each week. This person will need to sit at the scorer’s bench placed at each court.


Swearing, bad language, racist or discriminatory comments, overt dissent from a referee’s or umpire’s decision, fighting and not playing within the spirit of the game will not be tolerated. Players will receive an official warning before being deregistered from the competition on a repeat offence.


All players enter the centre at their own risk. They acknowledge that any leisure, sporting or function activity or any other purpose/use undertaken at Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre (GSAC) may have some inherit risk and that this risk is to be assumed, therefore waiving any claim that may arise from any claim against GSAC. Personal Accident Insurance has been attained by GSAC and once registration is completed, that player is covered.


Teams are asked to contact the centre with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if they wish to forfeit their match. However, it would be appreciated if as much notice as possible is given to minimise any inconvenience to other players and umpires. There is a $65 forfeit fee for notice given less than 24 hours before a game.

PLEASE NOTE: This netball comp is designed for fun. There is to be no slandering, pushing or rough play between teams or towards umpires.